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What makes us different?

Are you as happy as you can be?

Over thirty years ago, by chance, I met a man called David Birtwistle who asked me this question: Are you as happy as you can be? It was an easy one for me to answer, ‘No!’ Would you like that to change? ‘Yes,’ I said. ‘Let me show you how’, David said.This was how I was introduced to a program of prayer, meditation and good works that change my life. I still practice these exercises today. It is called The Vision for You. I pass these exercises on to you, like dozens before you, so that you might have the same gift of a new life that was given to me.
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* Free of Charge: Personal Mentorship
-> Take the Exercise and Discern Your Personal Vocation


We will provide you with spiritual exercises that aim to enrich your life and cultivate a sense of happiness. Through our guidance, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation. These exercises will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your connection to the world around you and ultimately with God. By incorporating these practices into your daily life, you will experience a heightened sense of peace, gratitude, and joy, leading to a happier and more fulfilling life.
1. Learn to Trust Others
2. Clean House
3. Help Others

What Have you Been Called to do?

We will also offer vocational guidance to assist you in discovering what God has called you to do. Through introspective exercises, thoughtful discussions, and exploration of your talents and passions, we will help you uncover the unique purpose that God has destined for your life. By aligning your work with God's plan, you will experience a deep sense of fulfillment and joy as you contribute your gifts to the world. Our guidance will empower you to pursue a vocation that is in harmony with your true self and in service to God's greater plan, allowing you to live a life that is both spiritually enriching and purpose-driven.
1. Discover your Purpose and Calling in Life
2. Find Meaning and Fulfillment through your Work
3. Learn to Trust in the Process

How fulfilling is your spiritual life?

In our pursuit of spiritual deepening, we draw upon the rich heritage of ancient Christian faith practices. Each day, we will guide you in the contemplation of sacred texts, allowing the wisdom and teachings of our Christian tradition to illuminate your path. Through the practice of prayer, we will help you develop a deeper connection with God, nurturing a personal relationship grounded in love and faith. Engaging in the sacraments and rituals of the Church will further enhance your spiritual growth, providing opportunities for communion, reflection, and transformation. With a focus on acts of compassion and service, we will encourage you to embody Christ's teachings, fostering a spirit of humility, forgiveness, and gratitude. By immersing yourself in these ancient Christian practices, your spirituality will be enriched, and you will experience a profound sense of unity with God and the wider Christian community.
* Learn about Faith Practices for Spiritual Growth
* Practice Ancient Techniques for a more beautiful life
* Come to a deeper relationship with God

Keep your feet on the ground Be confident, but down-to-earth.

You don’t have to believe in God, but you do need to be willing to believe in Him. If you are open-minded and willing enough to take actions that are consistent with the idea that God exists, then that will be enough.

If you are hostile to the idea of God then this probably isn’t for you. As to what you believe God might be we say only that He is all-loving, He is all-powerful, He is not human and He is transcendent.

By transcendent we mean He is a spiritual being who therefore is not part of the natural order of things that we are used to in the material universe. Again, we don’t demand that you assent positively to all these criteria beforehand, simply that idea of God that you have, and which you are willing to believe might exist doesn’t contradict any of these propositions.

Put another way, we say that this means that we believe that God wants us to help us and for us to be happy, He can help us to be happy if we let Him, and he is greater than any human power or natural force of the universe. He is not a collective spirit of the universe or of mankind as a whole, He is totally separate from them and is greater than each.

Habits that lead to happiness

I discovered a new direction by discovering my personal vocation - what I am made to do. This is vocation impacts my career and personal life and my relationships with others, all for the better.

If you think that your life could be better, then consider making this process part of your life too. Contact me and arrange an initial free consultation. We can discuss whether or not this is for you.


Mentorship ~
remote and in Person

Through one-on-one sessions with our experienced mentors, you will learn powerful tools and techniques to help you connect with God and find clarity and direction. Our mentors are dedicated to supporting you in achieving your goals and unlocking your full potential.



This is a simple but powerful tool to help you develop the habits of daily prayer, meditation and contemplation that bring you closer to God and help you focus on the path that he has set out for you. It also helps you to continually monitor and modify that path as you progress. Good for both the experienced and newcomers to the process.  


WHAT others HAVE TO say about US

Since the Vision for You book was published, I have been single handedly taking people through this process and they in turn have been mentoring, so far over 200 people have completed the process. Now we are ready to publicise this more widely as we have more mentors available. We hope to start workshops and local groups through the response.

In association with The Way of Beauty
200+ people we've worked with

The Vision for You gave me a place to “park” my resentments and eventually turn them into opportunities for prayer, thanksgiving, and service.  The whole Life inventory allowed me to clear the skeletons by exposing them to light where they lost their power.  And the nightly practice of the thanksgiving list keeps me focused on the goodness of each day, no matter how difficult.

James Bourne
Former Vision For You Mentee

One year after starting the process, things were dramatically different, I had started my dream education, and every area of my life, personal and professional, had changed for the better.

Today I still work the process and I have no doubts that it works - because I see the results when I work it. Now, because of my gratitude for all that it has given me, I am in a position to pass on what I was given seeing how it works in their lives too is what makes my life worthwhile.

Founder and Owner

Encountering 'The Vision For You' process was absolutely life-changing for me!

Simone Rizkallah
MA, Director
@Program Growth

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